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Google Cloud Pub/Sub Authorization

If you haven't already done so, you will need to setup a Google Cloud Pub/Sub account before you begin the process below. You will use a service account to access your Cloud Pub/Sub data. See Google's authentication documentation for details on the differences between user accounts and service accounts.

To authorize this integration, you will need to authenticate by creating a service account JWT JSON token.

Configure service account

You will need a service account credential file to use this authorization type. If you do not have one, follow the instructions in Google's documentation to create one. You will need to give Lytics one of the following roles depending on how you want to configure your workflow:

  • Pub/Sub Admin level permissions allows Lytics to create and receive new subscriptions without any problems.
  • Pub/Sub Editor level permissions will also work.

The other option would be to create your own IAM role with the following actions:

  • pubsub.topics.get
  • pubsub.subscriptions.get
  • pubsub.subscriptions.consume
  • pubsub.topics.attachSubscription
  • pubsub.subscriptions.create (Optional, but you must provide an existing subscription.)

Authorize integration

  1. Navigate to Google Cloud in the Integrations section of Lytics. google-cloud-215
  2. Navigate to Authorizations.
  3. Click Add new authorization.
  4. Select Cloud Pub/Sub Service Account JWT.
  5. In Cert JSON textbox, copy the contents of your service account's credential file.
  6. In the Description textbox enter a meaningful description for this authorization.
  7. Click Authorize. google-cloud-pub-sub-auth