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Episerver: Export Audiences

Send Lytics user profiles to your existing Episerver recipient lists. All existing members and new members of the selected audience are exported in real-time.

Integration Details

  • Implementation Type: Server-side.
  • Implementation Technique: REST APIs with audience triggers.
  • Frequency: Real-time, with a one-time backfill of the audience after setup.
  • Resulting Data: Lytics users that are members of the selected audience(s) are exported to Episerver as recipients and put in the selected recipient List.

This integration utilizes the Episerver REST API to send users to the selected recipient list in Episerver. Once initiated, the workflow will:

  1. Run a backfill of the selected Lytics audience(s), and create or add recipients to the Episerver recipient list.
  2. After a backfill, the workflow will receive real-time updates when a user enters or exits the audience.
  3. For each user entering the audience, it will create and add the user in the Recipient List. It will also populate the audience column mapped during work configuration with the concatenated value of the Lytics Audience that the user is in.
  4. For each user exiting in the selected audience, the workflow will update the Episerver Recipient List field, which is mapped with audience membership using the concatenated value of the Lytics Audience that user will be in after this event.


You can export any Lytics user fields to Episerver fields that are present in the selected recipient list. Lytics allows you to map user profile fields with the corresponding Episerver recipient list field as part of the workflow configuration.


Follow these steps to set up and configure an export of a Lytics audience to an Episerver recipient list.

  1. Navigate to Episerver in the Integrations section of Lytics. episerver
  2. Select Workflows from the menu on the left.
  3. Click New Workflow.
  4. Select Export Audiences.
  5. Select the authorization you created.
  6. From the Audiences list, select the Lytics audience(s) you would like to export to Episerver.
  7. From the Recipient List dropdown, select the Episerver recipient list you want to export your audiences to.
  8. From the Identifier Field dropdown, select the Lytics user field that represents the Recipient's Identifier ID in Episerver.
  9. (Optional) From the Add Audience Membership dropdown, select the Episerver recipient list field where the Lytics Audience Membership will be populated.
  10. (Optional) Use the Fields Mapping input to map Lytics fields to the existing field of the selected Episerver Recipient list. Select Lytics data fields on the left and the Episerver recipient list fields on the right. If no fields are mapped, only the identifier field will be exported.
  11. Click Start Export. episerver-work-export

Users should be available in the Episerver recipient list within a few minutes of starting the export. Larger audiences may take a few hours to be completely added to the list.