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Episerver Authorization

If you haven't already done so, you will need to set up an Episerver account before you begin the process described below. You will also need to create an API user that Lytics will use to import/export data. To create an Episerver API user, please contact your Episerver representative. Then follow the steps below to authorize the integration.

  1. Navigate to Episerver in the Integrations section of Lytics. episerver
  2. Navigate to Authorizations.
  3. Click New Authorization.
  4. Select the User API Key authorization. apikey-auth
  5. In the Client ID textbox, enter your Episerver Client ID.
  6. In the User textbox, enter the API User Name that Episerver created for you.
  7. In the API Key textbox, enter the API Key for the User above.
  8. Enter a Description to recognize this authorization in the future.
  9. Click Authorize.


Your credentials are now stored securely and are available to start an Episerver workflow.