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Drift is a conversational marketing platform with customer conversations at its core.

This article covers:

Setup Drift App and Webhooks

Note this will only need to be done once per account.

  1. Go to Drift's developer site and click on Build your app or Create new app after logging in. drift_integration_create app
  2. Click on OAuth & Scopes drift_integration_scopes
  3. Under the scopes heading, from the add permissions by scopes Dropdown, select the following permissions:
    • contact_read
    • conversation_read
  4. Under the Events tab: drift_integration_events
    • Fill in the request URL with where YOUR_API_TOKEN is your Lytics API token. You can create a new Lytics API token from your Lytics account settings.
    • Under the Subscribe to events heading add contact_identified, new_message, and new_conversation.
  5. Under the Display Information tab, set the app name to "Lytics Webhooks". drift_integration_name
  6. Under the Install to Drift tab click the Install App to Drift button. Lytics will start receiving the selected events from drift drift_integration_install
  7. Copy the Oauth Access token that replaces the Install App to Drift button. drift_integration_oauth
  8. Select the Drift tile from the integrations page. drift
  9. Navigate to Authorizations.
  10. Click the Add new authorization button.
  11. In the App Key textbox, enter the Oauth token you copied when when creating your Drift app. authorization
  12. In the Description textbox, enter a description for the auth. This is useful for telling multiple auths apart.
  13. Click the Authorize button to create the authorization.

Setup Import Workflow

Import all contacts and message activity data

Streamsdrift_contacts, drift_conversations
User fieldsemail, first_name, last_name, name, employer, postal code, city, State/Province
Provider fieldscontact ID, conversation ID,
User activitymessage count, active hour of week, active hour of day, active months
Campaign contentno
Click URL paramnone
  1. Complete the steps in Setup Webhooks and auth if you have not done so already.
  2. Click on the Drift tile from the integrations page. drift
  3. Select the Import conversations workflow.
  4. Click the Select button next to the auth you want to use.
  5. Selecting the Import continuously checkbox will make the import run hourly. If not selected the import will run once. configuration
  6. Click Start Import on the work config page to do a one time import of existing contacts and conversations.