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Custom Integrations: JSON Import

Lytics allows you to import data via a JSON file for data sources we do not natively integrate with.

Integration Details

This integration parses JSON files and imports fields and associated data. The JSON file must be a JSON New Line Delimited file where each line contains a single record. Please see Custom Data Ingestion for more information on file naming, field formatting, headers, timestamps, etc. Once the integration is started it will:

  1. Connect to the SFTP server.
  2. Navigate to the configured folder.
  3. Read the selected JSON file.
  4. Import all the fields in the JSON file.


After choosing the JSON file to import during configuration, Lytics will read the file and import all the fields present in the file.


  1. Navigate to the Integrations section and select the Custom Integrations tile. custom
  2. Click the New Workflow button.
  3. Select Import JSON from the list of workflows.
  4. Select the authorization you would like to use.
  5. From the Stream input, select the data stream where the data will be posted or enter a name to create a new stream.
  6. Using the Folder drop-down, select the folder where the JSON file is located.
  7. Using the File drop-down, select the file to import.
  8. From the Timestamp Field drop-down, select field name that contains the timestamp of an event. If no field is specified, the event will be timestamped with the time of the import.
  9. Check the Keep Updated checkbox to continuously run this import daily.
  10. Click on the Show Advanced Options tab to expand the advanced configuration. custom-json-import-pt1
  11. Using the Time of Day drop-down, select the time of day to start import each day.
  12. Using the Timezone drop-down, select the timezone for time of day you selected above.
  13. Click Start import. custom-json-import-pt2