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Braze Authorization

If you haven't already done so, you will need to set up a Braze account before you begin the process described below.

The Braze credentials necessary to integrate with Lytics are Rest API Key and Braze Instance.

  1. To obtain your API key, log into Braze and navigate to the Developer Console and create a new REST API key.


  2. You must grant your API key permissions for each App Group you would like to use with Lytics.


  3. Note the URL of your Braze dashboard and find the corresponding instance in the following table. For example, if your dashboard URL is then your instance is US-03.

  4. Navigate to Integrations section of Lytics.

  5. Select the Braze tile. braze
  6. Select Authorizations.
  7. Click Add new authorization.
  8. Enter your REST API Key and Braze Instance.
  9. Enter a Description for your authorization.


  10. Click Authorize.