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Blueshift: Export Audiences

Exporting Lytics audiences to Blueshift will allow you to supplement your Blueshift user base with new users or update existing users with cross-channel data from Lytics.

Integration Details

  • Implementation Type: Server-side.
  • Implementation Technique: REST APIs with audience triggers.
  • Frequency: Real-time, with an optional one-time backfill of the audience after setup.
  • Resulting Data: Lytics users that are a member of the selected audience(s) are exported to Blueshift as user profiles.

This integration utilizes Blueshift API to send user data. Once the user initiates the workflow, it will run a backfill of users if configured to do so. Then the workflow will receive real-time updates when a user enters or exits the audience. For each user to export, regardless if the user is being added as part of the backfill, or they're entering/exiting the audience in real-time, it will:

  1. Create or update the user in Blueshift with the Lytics user field data selected.
  2. Append the lytics_{audience_name} field to the profile in Blueshift in order to identify which audience does that user belongs to. If the event indicates the user is leaving the audience in Lytics, this field will be updated in Blueshift.


Blueshift supports fields listed in their user documentation. Lytics allows you to map user profile fields with the corresponding Blueshift field as part of the workflow configuration.


Listed below are instructions on how to set up and configure the audience export to Blueshift.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page and select Blueshift. blueshift-215-tile
  2. Select Workflows from the menu on the left.
  3. Select Export.
  4. Select the authorization you would like to use.
  5. Using the Audiences input, you may select Lytics audience(s) to export to Blueshift. Audiences in the right column will be exported.
  6. To use a non-default user field for email, select a field from the Email Field dropdown.
  7. Checking Existing Users will enable a backfill of the current members of the audience(s) to Blueshift immediately.
  8. Click Start Export to begin the workflow.