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Web Personalization Introduction

A graphical overview of the campaign process

What does this product do?

Lytics Web Personalization is a robust product that allows you to present tailored website messaging to specific users of your audience. It's easy to create lead gen forms, recommended articles, and promotions, which can be displayed in-line, as overlays, or announcement bars. More advanced users can leverage the PathforaSDK to create richer personalizations that go beyond what is possible in the Lytics UI.

Why would I use this tool?

Some common uses of Lytics Web Personalization are:

  • Present an email capture form to anonymous users, but hide it from users who have already shared their email address.
  • Show users the right call-to-action based on their behavioral and event-based characteristics.
  • Let eligible users know about a targeted sale or promotion.
  • Keep your audience engaged by serving them content that is personalized to their browsing behavior.

How does this tool work?

Lytics Web Personalization is, at its core, a product that allows you to serve different web experiences to users from different audiences. With the campaign editor, you can design a widget, pick an audience, pick display criteria, and then publish your campaign. Once your campaign is running, Lytics will report on conversions and impressions. You can even create sub-audiences based on campaign conversion data, allowing you to string campaigns together for richer personalization.

What types of campaigns are available?

The four types are:

  1. Drive Traffic
  2. Collect Leads
  3. Present a Message
  4. Recommend Content

Thanks to the expressive nature of Lytics audiences, these four different campaign types offer a lot of mileage.