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Leveraging User Profiles

User profiles are beneficial in their own right, and they serve as foundational building blocks for audiences. They are also automatically used and enriched by Lytics based on behavioral data captured.

Using User Profiles in Audiences

Audiences are collections of user profiles defined by rules that are based on user fields. Whenever you make an audience, you are leveraging user profiles.

Using User Profiles Programmatically

The Lytics JavaScript Tag provides the known information for the current user, based on their _uid. These values can then be used to enhance the user experience. Common examples are adding or removing sections of the web page based on user fields . For instance, a user with a lot of activity probably doesn’t need to see a "Getting Started" section or a newsletter member shouldn’t be prompted to join again.

How Lytics Automatically Leverages User Profiles

Lytics automatically reads user profiles and enriches them based on the behavior captured in the data. All of Lytics scores are a result of inferring information from User Profiles. Lytics Content Affinity looks at the URLs visited by a user, as seen in a user profile, to build appropriate statistical models.

Beyond this, Lytics also uses user profiles to achieve one-to-one marketing. Content recommendations are powered by individual reviews of every user profile and SegmentML is the result of assessing individual user profiles for fit.