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Connected Customers

Connected Customers represents a high-level KPI in Lytics that tracks users who are engaged with your brand across multiple channels. Specifically, Lytics defines a Connected Customer as a user who has:

  • A positive and increasing Momentum Score, which represents the rate at which users are interacting with your brand.
  • Activity data collected from 2 or more channels, including web, email, or mobile.

The Connected Customer KPI metrics come from the Lytics audience that is automatically generated under-the-hood using the above criteria.

Why is this KPI important?

Connected Customers are valuable to your business. This KPI helps you understand how many Connected Customers you have and the impact of your marketing programs on user engagement. Lytics helps you gain more Connected Customers by refining your audience targeting and messaging strategies to improve engagement and ultimately increase the ROI for your marketing efforts.

What can I do with it?

Track your Connected Customers for a pulse on engagement levels across your active campaigns. Use this KPI to create a stronger base of users who are more likely to convert on current and future campaigns.

If you choose to upgrade after completing the Lytics View free trial, you can activate this Connected Customer audience in your downstream marketing tools such as Facebook, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and more.

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