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Lytics View

Lytics View offers a holistic view of how your campaigns are working together to achieve your marketing goals. Lytics ingests your active campaigns and uses our proprietary identity resolution to get a connected view of your users and marketing initiatives. Lytics then automates the discovery process across your campaigns to surface insights that enable you to drive customer engagement and conversion rates.


What can I learn?

Lytics View is designed to provide insights and information that enable you to answer top-level marketing questions such as:

  • Are my campaigns contributing to achieving my goal?
  • Can I connect with my customers across marketing channels?
  • Am I creating the type of content my audience is interested in?
  • How could data science enable greater returns on my campaigns?

The Lytics View Intelligence Reports (see screenshots above) help you understand how your campaigns are currently engaging users across channels and the next best action to take for future initiatives. This enables you to activate the data you already have and build a marketing plan grounded in customer intelligence.

What is the process?

Lytics View is designed to provide quick time to value with a simple, self-service onboarding process. Getting started involves the following steps:

  1. Select your marketing use case. This will build the underlying infrastructure that will unlock insights and reporting on your campaign and user data.

  2. Collect web behavior data by adding the Lytics JavaScript Tag to your website.

  3. Import a subset of your campaign and user data tied to your chosen use case. The following data sources are available:

  4. Explore the Goal Intelligence Report to gain a holistic understanding of how your existing campaigns are contributing towards your marketing use case.

  5. Explore the Experience Intelligence Reports for a granular look into how each individual campaign is performing and how Lytics Data Science could improve your customer engagement.

What are the next steps?

During the free trial, you will gain information about other Lytics offerings that can continue to drive results for your marketing organization. Once the trial is over, you will have three options.

  • Discontinue services - You can discontinue the Lytics View service at no cost. At this time Lytics will completely delete your account and data.

  • Continue to use - You can continue with the current trial offering features at cost. Additional connections can be added with associated service fees.

  • Upgrade functionality - You can upgrade to access more Lytics features based on the additional goals and use cases you want to achieve. This will require engagement with the Lytics Sales Team to scope your company's needs and determine the value of the new agreement.