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Working with Tag Managers

Tag Managers make it easier to work with vendor JavaScript (JS) tags like Lytics for large, dynamic web assets. Lytics can be integrated through virtually every Tag Manager on the market today. Because each Tag Manager is different, the level of integration and development lift can vary so please consult the documentation for your preferred Tag Manager for specific details.

That being said, installation of the Lytics JS Tag is generally as simple as copying and pasting the snippet of code from the installation instructions in the Lytics app to a container within your Tag Manager, and then publishing to your live instance from there.

Installing using Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is recommended as a flexible and transparent Tag Manager. Follow the steps below to install the Lytics JS Tag using GTM.

  1. Log into your GTM account.
  2. Click New Tag and then Tag Configuration.
  3. Under the Custom header, select Custom HTML.
  4. Copy the Lytics JS Tag snippet and paste it here.
  5. Name it Lytics JavaScript Tag.
  6. In the Triggering section, select All Pages.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Publish the container by clicking Submit.
  9. Navigate to your website and click on several pages to trigger sample event. Wait a few minutes for the traffic to be received.
  10. Check the Tag Installation Status at the top right of the installation page.
  11. If you are not seeing traffic received, try repeating steps 9-10 before trying the basic troubleshooting steps.