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Single Page Apps

Some web properties will be built as Single Page Apps (SPA). SPAs should always be configured and managed by an experienced developer. They represent a series of unique behaviors, many unique to particular frameworks, that can impact how the Lytics JavaScript tag needs to be configured to support the desired use cases.

Version 3 of the Lytics JavaScript tag has been built with SPAs in mind, along with other significant improvements. For most SPAs, there are two important things to consider as routes change:

  • What represents the view of a new page.
  • When should the visitor’s profile be reloaded or web-based integrations such as Facebook be updated.

Each of these actions are handled independently with two simple commands.

<script type="text/javascript">
    // optional custom function for receiving the full entity each time it is loaded
    var doSomethingWithProfile = function(p){
        console.log(; // log full data object

    // the following function represents a fake router for a SPA framework
    var onRouteChange = function() {
        jstag.pageView(); // tracks a pageView
        jstag.loadEntity(doSomethingWithProfile); // refreshes the user profile and all configured integrations