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There are a few steps to make sure the Lytics JavaScript (JS) Tag is properly installed and receiving data from your website.

Check Network Requests

The following steps are recommended for users testing with Google Chrome.

  1. Open the website in Google Chrome to test your Lytics JS Tag installation.
  2. Open Chrome Developer Tools and select the Network tab from the dev tools panel.
  3. Refresh the website to observe network activity on page load.
  4. In the filter textbox, type in This will narrow the list of network requests to those sent to the Lytics domain.
  5. If your tag has been successfully installed, you should see a handful of requests.

In the above screenshot latest.min.js is the Lytics JavaScript Tag. The request to the URL that starts with default is sending a pageview event to the Lytics collector API. This is a standard event that is initiated by the JavaScript Tag on every page load. Depending on your configuration you may see additional requests under this filter. For example pathfora.min.js, config.js and pathfora.min.css will load if you have any active running web personalization Experiences.