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Journey Canvas Overview

The Lytics Journey Canvas allows you to create personalized customer journeys using targeted marketing experiences. Through intelligent campaign management, the Journey Canvas ultimately helps you deliver 1:1 marketing at scale. Starting with simple audiences, you can build complex customer journeys without worrying about overlapping targeting or over-marketing.

The Lytics Journey Canvas is oriented around a few key concepts: Experiences, Stages, and Journeys.


Experiences are individual marketing tactics. Each Experience has its own report view, allowing you to track reach, conversion, and conversion rate. Within the Journey Canvas, you can view each Experience within its assigned stage. Click Add a new Experience at the bottom of a Stage to create a new Experience that will appear within that Stage.


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Journeys are made of Stages and Experiences. They allow you to influence and measure the progress of your customers toward your business goals. journey example 0420

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Stages are the phases, or steps, in a Journey. Your audience members move from one Stage to the next as they qualify for the conversion events applied to each Stage. Stages contain Experiences intended to encourage people to complete the Stages' conversion event such as email capture or making a first purchase.


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