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Insights Introduction

Lytics Insights provide visibility into how your audiences and campaigns are performing, and give recommendations on how to improve engagement, drive conversions, and increase your marketing ROI.

You can think of Lytics Insights as a way to connect the data you have with the decisions you are making for marketing campaigns. Defined in a few words, Lytics Insights are:

  • Actionable: Direct knowledge to your marketing initiatives.
  • Contextual: Provide actions that are relevant to the Lytics user consuming them.
  • Explanatory: Describe phenomena in terms of your business processes or outcomes.
  • Novel: Offer a new understanding of your customers and campaigns.

Insights serve as a key ingredient to achieve marketing personalization. To effectively leverage customer data, you must apply it throughout your campaign planning and execution process. Unlike metrics that remain on a BI dashboard or report, Lytics Insights are designed be immediately activated in your segmentation and campaign strategies.

If your account package includes Insights, you will be able to access Insights from anywhere in the Lytics UI. Read on to find out how Insights work.