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How Insights Work

Insights surface meaningful data along with a recommended action, enabling you to make better, data-driven decisions during your campaign planning and execution. The core idea behind Insights is simple. Insights are a combination of facts and actions:

  • Fact: Observable, data-driven information providing demonstrable value. This is a unique set of raw metrics such as the number of users or the amount of lift.
  • Action: Suggested behavior based on user role, data source, activation channels, industry, etc. This is the contextualization of a fact into something to be done.

Insights are made possible thanks to the data science capabilities built into Lytics. The heavy lift of processing and interpreting data is automatically handled by machine learning models under-the-hood.

This is a prime example of how machine learning can augment (not replace) a marketer’s role. Machines efficiently and accurately sift through lots of data, allowing people to then make use of the important information in the most relevant context. For example, a model can predict which users are most likely to churn, and a marketer can then target those at-risk users with a win-back campaign on Facebook.

Insight Cards

Insights are presented as Insight Cards that are available throughout the entire app. Simply navigate to the left-hand side of the Lytics UI to open the Insights Drawer, which contains a list of Insight Cards unique to your account.

Below is an example of an Insight card and what it's comprised of:

insights example momentum

  • Creation date: When the Insight was generated.
  • Expiration date: When the Insight will be removed from the drawer. Insights expire after 2 weeks.
  • Insight statement: The explanation or comparison of noteworthy data, which will depend on the type of Insight. You can click on an audience name to view its summary report.
  • Recommended action: Lytics will suggest how you can apply this Insight to your targeting along with a related use case.
  • Expanded definition: View more details by clicking the arrow. This example explains the Lytics score or other data field being calculated.

Insights are generated and refreshed on a weekly basis to ensure you are viewing the most recent user data. Insights expire after 2 weeks so that you only target and activate on audience and campaigns during a relevant time frame.

The Insights Drawer will display a maximum of 25 cards at a time. Insights will be created for up to 10 custom audiences, in addition to Lytics out-of-the-box engagement audiences. Learn how to request Insights for a particular audience. Lytics will prioritize Insights based on the statistical significance of the data and the most frequently used audiences.

The information presented on the card will depend on the type of Insights, which are explained in the following documents: