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Experience Insights

Experience Insights help you track and understand campaign performance. This information can answer, “which campaigns are resonating with my users?” and “are my marketing tactics driving engagement or conversions?”

Experience Insights allow you to proactively refine campaigns based on current metrics. Since Lytics Insights are generated and refreshed on a weekly basis, you can take action to improve a campaign while it’s running.

Experience Insights include the following types:

Experience Management

This Insight will surface when an experience is missing UTM parameters, which enable Lytics to track conversions from downstream tools such as Facebook.


While this Insight is simpler compared to the other types Lytics offers, it helps you quickly identify when an Experience configuration is not complete, which affects your ability to track performance and target users who have previously engaged in future campaigns.

Experience Performance

This Insight appears when there is a significant spike up or down in campaign performance. Becoming aware of such incidents allows you to make the necessary changes to improve campaign ROI.

For example, if conversion rates have rapidly declined for a particular campaign in the last week, you may need to reevaluate and consider changes such as refining your audience, messaging, or campaign tactics.