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Compositional Insights

Compositional Insights help you understand the makeup of your audiences. This information can answer, “what makes an audience unique?” and “how should I target these users differently?”

Compositional Insights make it easier for you to create effective segmentation strategies. They compare data fields within audiences to surface which attributes are driving user behavior. Compositional Insights currently include the following:

Audience Pairs

This Insight compares high-value audiences on their levels of engagement. This can take the form of comparing Lytics out-of-the-box audiences on a particular behavioral score (such as the example below) or a custom audience. Learn how to request Insights for an audience.

insights audience pair momentum

As a bite-size piece of information, this Insight Card has provided:

  • An easy way to leverage Lytics audiences and scores that are derived from data science.
  • A suggested next step of what to do with this information. For example, you may target these at risk users with a winback campaign.

Field Candidates

This Insight compares the prevalence of certain data fields within two audiences. Candidates included are fields used in audience definitions and fields from the Promoted Schema Fields in your Account Settings.

insights field candidates

Having a granular understanding of your audiences allows you to make more strategic targeting decisions. For example, there may be a data field that your organization is paying to collect. If you discover through an Insight Card that this field is not performing as expected in your campaigns, you could save marketing spend by eliminating that field and using others that are shown to be more predictive of user behavior.