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Activating Insights

Taking action based on your Insights is the most important part of the process. As explained in the introduction, Lytics Insights are designed to be actionable. By understanding how users are interacting with your brand at a granular level, you can iterate campaigns to improve their performance and deliver better user experiences.

Activating against Lytics Behavioral Scores

User engagement is a crucial component of personalization. Each Lytics Score (quantity, frequency, recency, intensity, momentum, propensity) indicates a different aspect of user behavior, but overall, higher scores indicate high engagement while lower scores indicate low engagement.

Below are some common use cases you might consider, depending on whether the audience you’re targeting has higher behavioral scores (anything above 50) or lower behavioral scores (anything below 50).

Targeting Users with Low Engagement

There are two main approaches to reach unengaged users. The first is to drive engagement using a variety of tactics such as messaging on different channels, targeting based on content affinities, etc. The second approach is to increase marketing efficiency by suppressing these users, thus improving your conversions.

Targeting Users with High Engagement

When creating strategies around your most active users, you will want to keep them engaged by delivering relevant content and establishing a first-party relationship that increases their Lifetime Value (LTV). You can find more users who are similar to your best customers using lookalike audiences.

You can also learn more about what makes these engaged users different, which can inform your overall targeting strategies.

  • Use the Audience Discovery Report which applies machine learning to predict which users are most likely to convert.
  • View the Audience Summary by clicking the audience name on your Insight Card to see the history of this audience and its characteristics.

Activating against Lytics Content Affinity

Giving your users more of what they love is a great tactic to consider to either drive engagement for less active users or to keep currently active users engaged.