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Canvas Overview

Lytics defines Goals as high-level objectives that measure marketing success, such as improving conversion rates, decreasing churn, and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV).

The Lytics Canvas provides a framework for moving your customers through their lifecycle and driving them towards your brand’s top-level marketing goals. This approach allows you as a marketer to focus on defining your Goal and creating relevant Experiences that allow customers to take any path to get there.

The Lytics Canvas UI is oriented around a few concepts: Goals, Experiences, and Stages.


Goals allow you to influence and measure the progress of your customers toward your business goals. Goals can include Experiences and Stages that you define to drive customers towards specific conversion events. goals example 0820

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Experiences are individual marketing tactics. Each Experience has its own report view, allowing you to track reach, conversions (such as clicks), and conversion rates. experience

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Stages are the phases or steps that guide customers towards your Goal. Your audience members will move from one Stage to the next as they qualify for the conversion events applied to each Stage. Stages contain Experiences intended to encourage people to complete the conversion event such as registering their email or making a first purchase.


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