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UTM Tracking for Experiences

In addition to tracking default UTM variables when users visit your website, Lytics supports two custom UTM parameters specific to tracking clicks from external Experiences such as ads or emails.

When to use custom UTM parameters

You may be recommended by the Lytics Experience Insights to add UTM parameters to an Experience. The Lytics insights system will check the target URL of your eligible imported Experiences to see if it has these parameters configured and advise you on which Experiences are missing them.

For most email providers click information is collected automatically through webhooks or APIs, but for ads this is the only way of recording user attribution. Lytics highly recommends using these UTM parameters in your ad Experiences as it will not only allow you to build and target audiences of users who have converted on your ad in Lytics, but it will also inform Lytics decisioning and insights as the platform builds a better understanding of which users respond to which Experiences.

Custom UTM parameters

Use the following custom UTM parameters in any links coming from your external Experiences.

utm_lytics_experienceThe ID of the object from the third party tool
(e.g. ID of the ad set for a Facebook Experience)
utm_lytics_sourceSlug of the provider
(e.g. facebook for a Facebook ad set)

These variables allow us to link the website visit with a click from the Experience. Thus recording what users clicked on what Experience.

Adding the parameters

The steps for adding these parameters may differ by provider, but generally speaking you can add them directly to the target URL of your Experience, for example:

Please refer to the providers that have specific docs on how to add these parameters:

User field

The UTM parameter is recognized by Lytics and mapped to the user field Converted on Experience (URL Param) which is available in the audience builder so that you can create audiences of users who have clicked on your Experiences. The key of this map field will contain the External ID of your Experience and the value will be the number of times the user clicked on the ad set.

Custom UTM User Field

If you find that the number of users in an audience utilizing this field does not match the conversion count you are seeing on your Experience summary page, it is important to remember the source of these numbers is different. Usually for ad providers, metrics are aggregate numbers imported directly from the API of the ad tool. If you added the tracking URL parameter to your ad after publishing, you may see a smaller user count when utilizing the user field.