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Managing Experiences

You can create and browse existing Experiences from the Experience list. Navigate to Experiences to see all of your imported or created Experiences within your account, including those that are associated with a Goal. managing experiences 0820

The Experience list supports filtering by type (whether or not the Experience is associated with a Goal), status, channel, or provider.

Creating New Experiences

Create a new Experience from this list by clicking the Add experiences button near the top of the page. Selecting the New option will guide you through the Experience Editor.

create new experience 0820

Importing Experiences

If you want to import existing marketing initiatives from your channel tools, you can do so through the Lytics UI. See the section importing external Experiences.

If you choose to delete an Experience in Lytics that still has a matching campaign in your channel tool, it will show up on the import list and can be re-imported.

Naming Experiences

When creating a new Experience within Lytics, name it including the purpose and any categorization (e.g. Drive sales: Holiday). When working with existing Experiences from your third party tools, name the imported experiences on Lytics with the same/similar names as in the external tool.

Browsing Experiences

The easiest way to find an Experience is to use the Search box. As you enter your search term, the Experiences list will display any matching Experiences. You can filter Experiences based on their type, status, channel, and provider. Imported Experiences that haven't been activated yet will be tagged as “Externally Managed”, as shown below. browse experiences 0820

By default, the list of Experiences is sorted by Name. If you choose to sort by date Last modified instead, your preferences will be saved for the next time you visit.

Deleting Experiences

  1. From the Browse Experiences list, select the Experience you wish to delete. You will be navigated to the Experience editor. recommend-content-experience

  2. From the options menu, select Delete. delete-experience

  3. Click Delete to confirm.