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Experience Editor: Tutorial Step

When you activate an Experience with a third-party provider, Lytics exports an audience to the tool you have chosen. To finish configuring your Experience, you will need to log into the third-party tool and assign the Lytics audience to the correct ad set or campaign. The tutorial step will prompt you through this for Generic Experiences.

See the following provider-specific documents on how to configure your Experiences.


Generic Experiences allow you to export your Lytics audience to any tool you choose. This is useful if you want to use a provider not currently supported by the Goal Canvas, but you won't be able to monitor the performance of this Experience from Lytics.

To take advantage of this feature, create and activate a Generic Experience. From the Experience Summary, select Help on the Experience Summary, and then select "here" in the text.

generic experience tutorial

From the Audience Summary, click Export and then select the provider you would like to export your audience to. For additional details on how each provider works and the features they enable, please see their integrations documentation. audiences 160379d67fccdc303353f4a96252b2cc summary aid=2429(Laptop with HiDPI screen)