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Experience Editor: Review Step

The review step is the final step for all Experiences of the Lytics provider. It provides an at-a-glance view of everything you've chosen for your Lytics Experience.


Though there is nothing you need to do on this step, it does give you an opportunity to check that all your selections are listed as you expect before you activate the Experience.


Use the Preview button in the top right of the screen to see how your experience will look when it's active on your site. Simply enter the URL you want to see the preview on in the modal that appears, and you'll be directed to your site but with the experience running as it will once it becomes activated. From this preview state you can get a better idea of how/when the experience is triggered and see what your users will see.

preview modal correct wording

NOTE: The URL you enter must match the appears on conditions you set in the display step. The target audience, however, is ignored for previewing ease.