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Experience Editor: Providers and Tactics

When creating a new Experience or adding a Lytics audience to an existing Experience, you will be prompted to select a provider and tactic. Providers are the tools that deliver your Experience, and tactics are the type of Experience that will be delivered. Once an Experience has been configured, you cannot change the provider or tactic.



For Experiences using third-party tools, you will configure the tactics in the respective provider. See our documentation for each provider built into the Lytics Canvas:


Use Lytics Experiences to personalize a website with modals. This does not require connecting to another tool. The following tactics are available for Lytics Experiences:

  • Drive Traffic - Increase traffic to a specific URL.
  • Capture Leads - Convert unknown users to known users with a simple lead capture form.
  • Present a Message - Communicate a simple message, such as a global coupon or an announcement.
  • Recommend Content - Use content collections to recommend articles, products, or any other type of content to your users.

These tactics are the same campaign types supported by Lytics Personalize.


A Generic Experience can act as a placeholder for an Experience of an integration that is not built into the Lytics Canvas, or an Experience of a custom implementation using webhooks or inline web personalization. That is, a Generic Experience will produce the audience with all of the targeting rules nested in the Stage and Goal to make the audience mutually exclusive of the other Stages. As such, Generic Experiences should only be used for Experiences included in a Stage of a Goal.

Generic Experiences only support one tactic:

  • Universal Experience - Create a general Experience to be used with any use case or integration supported by the Lytics platform.

Note: Delivery Optimization and Experience reporting is not available for Generic Experiences.