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Experience Editor: Delivery Optimization Step

Delivery Optimization takes the guesswork out of deciding who to send what message, and when. For the third party Experience providers built-in to the Lytics Canvas, you can use this option to automatically determine when to deliver messages to individual users on those channels.

This step in the Experience editor allows you to toggle Delivery Optimization On or Off. If you do nothing, it will remain off. You can turn it on to help prevent over-messaging and let you focus on creating great Experiences, rather than manually building delivery logic rules that are complicated to manage and execute.

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How does Delivery Optimization work?

Lytics uses data science to determine the optimal delivery time of an Experience for individual audience members. The delivery time is based on when an audience member last interacted with your brand via the channel of the Experience, as well as their behavior when that interaction happened. Experience decisioning also uses the Experience's performance measured by click-through rate (CTR) to estimate engagement likelihood.

Consider the Experience tactic when determining if you want to turn Delivery Optimization on. For Experiences using real-time delivery such as Iterable triggered emails, Delivery Optimization can help improve user engagement by reaching each user at the ideal time.

In other circumstances such as sending a one-time blast email through SendGrid for a sale promotion, you'll likely want to leave Delivery Optimization off and simply push a list of all current users into the audience so that you can send the campaign as soon as you're ready. If Delivery Optimization was enabled, you may not see users exported to SendGrid until they "need" to receive a message (the most optimal time).