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Experience Editor: Choose Content

The Recommend Content Experience type is used to surface content (an article, a blog post, a product page) to visitors. Each recommendation is personalized to the individual. This could be used to keep visitors engaged by surfacing what to read next, or assist casual perusers by prompting a starting point.

Furthermore, the Experience can be configured to only a set of pages or a subset of your total audience. This allows you to limit the recommendations from showing up on auxiliary pages like the home page, company page, or checkout page. It can also only be shown to users with high usage. This way low usage visitors can be targeted with a more aggressive campaign.

Choosing content is the first step for a Recommend Content Experience. Lytics provides a variety of filters and options for tailoring what content can be recommended and how the recommendation algorithm should rank the content.

Choosing a content collection

A content collection allows you to limit the scope of documents that can be recommended by your Experience. If you're creating a summer seasonal experience, for example, you wouldn't want articles that are out of season. A content collection is how you define which articles are appropriate to recommend.

Use the Select a content collection dropdown to choose an existing collection or to create a new one. Clicking on New content collection will take you to the collection builder. The state of your Experience will be saved, and after creating your new collection, you will automatically be returned to the Experience editor. select content collection 600px

Choosing recommendation settings

The Lytics content recommendation engine allows you to configure the way in which the Experience will recommend content.

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NOTE: The recommendation settings work within the limits set by the content collection. If your content collection includes articles published six to twelve months ago and you choose the Recently Published method, then the Experience will begin recommending six-month-old articles, which are the most recently-published articles within the collection.

Recommendation method

The recommendation methods control how the recommendation engine ranks the content.

  1. Highest Affinity: Choose the content that a user is most likely to be interested in. This is the default setting.
  2. Freshness: Choose the content that was most recently published or updated.
  3. Last Interaction: Choose the content based on what a user has engaged with most recently.

New content only

The Only recommend content the user has not seen? checkbox controls whether previously viewed content will be included among the recommendations. Leave this setting checked to ensure that a user won't be recommended content they have viewed in the past.

Shuffle content

The Shuffle content on each page load? checkbox controls whether a user should be recommended different content if they encounter the Experience again (e.g. after reloading). Check this setting to vary the content that is recommended on subsequent requests or leave it unchecked to show the single best recommendation.