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Experience Editor: Overview

The Experience editor is used to create, save, edit, and activate marketing Experiences. Combined with audiences created in the audience builder, sophisticated Experiences can be built to deliver the right message to your users at the right time.

browse experiences 0820 Under Experiences, you can create a new Experience from scratch by clicking Add experiences and selecting New.

create new experience 0820

You will be given a choice of Experience providers. Each provider has a list of marketing tactics that, when selected for an Experience, will allow you to reach your users through different channels and methods.

The selection of a provider and tactic together will determine what steps the Experience editor displays. For example, the Lytics provider supports four different web personalization Experiences that allow you to deliver messages to users on your website.

Once you've chosen your tactic, you will see the list of applicable steps at the top of the screen.

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Experience editor steps

There are several steps in the Experience editor, some of which you will only see for specific Experiences.

  1. Target - available for all Experiences
  2. Design - available for Lytics Experiences
  3. Display - available for Lytics Experiences
  4. Review - available for Lytics Experiences
  5. Choose URL - unique to the Lytics Experience tactic: Drive Traffic
  6. Customize Form - unique to the Lytics tactic: Capture Leads
  7. Choose Content - unique to the Lytics tactic: Recommend Content
  8. Configure - available for third-party provider Experiences
  9. Delivery Optimization - available for third-party provider Experiences
  10. Tutorial - available for Generic Experiences

Save & Activate Experiences

When you first enter the Experience editor, you will see a Save button in the top right corner. If you have not yet named the Experience, you will be prompted to do so at this time, and the Experience's tactic will be suggested as a default.

After the Experience has been saved once, the button will become a Save button that is only enabled when you make further changes. When Save is enabled, you will also have the option to Discard changes in the more actions menu indicated by the ellipsis button. All changes you've made since your last save will be removed when you discard.


Only after you have both saved your Experience and filled in required fields will you be able to Activate your Experience. Once it's activated on your site, the "Active" tag will be shown on your Lytics dashboard.

You cannot edit an Experience while it is activated, so you will not be able to enter the Experience editor at that point. If you need to edit an Experience after activating, you can Pause it from the Experience summary as shown below.


You can also pause an Experience from within the Lytics Canvas view.


After you save the changes, you can activate (resume) your Experience once again.