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Jobs Dashboard

Jobs are responsible for moving your first-party data between Lytics and your marketing tools. Sources send data from a tool to Lytics, and destinations send data from Lytics to a tool. In the Lytics UI, the Jobs Dashboard provides an overview of your existing jobs and their status.


All jobs are displayed in a table and are sortable by the following fields:

  • Name: name of job, such as "Export of High Value Users to Facebook."
  • Authorization: name of the associated authorization.
  • Provider: third-party tool that you are connecting with Lytics.
  • Type: indicates whether the job is an import, export, or enrichment.
  • Status: current state of a job such as running, paused, completed etc.
  • Created: date the job was initially created.

For more details about a particular job, click on its row in the table to view its Summary page.