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Jobs Dashboard

Jobs are responsible for moving your first-party data between Lytics and your marketing tools. Sources send data from a tool to Lytics, and destinations send data from Lytics to a tool.

Navigate to Data > Jobs in the Lytics app to find your Jobs Dashboard, which provides an overview of your existing jobs and their status.


All jobs are displayed in a table and are sortable by the following fields:

  • Name: Name of job, such as "Export of High Value Users to Facebook."
  • Authorization: Name of the associated authorization.
  • Provider: Third-party tool that you are connecting with Lytics.
  • Type: Indicates whether the job is an import, export, or enrichment.
  • Status: Current state of a job such as running, paused, completed etc.
  • Created: Date the job was initially created.

For more details about a particular job, click on its row in the table to view its Summary page.

Create New Jobs

From the Jobs Dashboard, click Create New Job at the top right and complete the following steps.

  1. Choose the provider.
  2. Choose the job type.
  3. Select an existing authorization or create a new one.
  4. Add a name (label), description, and complete the configuration options. See our integration documentation for detailed instructions on configuring each provider.


You can search for a provider or use the filters to sort the list based on whether a provider is already connected (has an existing authorization), the job channel (such as ads), or the job type (such as an export).