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Configuration Options

Configure your Lytics audiences with the following options to execute your use cases.

To access the audience builder, navigate to Audience > Create New Audience and you will see the configuration options as shown in the image below. To configure an existing audience, navigate to the summary view and click Edit at the top right. audience configuration options 1120

Enabling API Access

By default, Lytics audiences are not enabled for API access and thus will not be available to public APIs. Enabling API access is necessary when integrating with other client-side tags/ pixels, Pathfora, or the Lytics personalization API endpoints.

Select the API Accessible checkbox to enable access.

Generate Insights

Lytics Insights provide visibility into the performance of your audiences and campaigns as users interact with your brand. Insights are generated out-of-the-box for Lytics Behavioral and Engagement audiences. You can also request up to 10 custom audiences to be prioritized as candidates for generating Insights.

When creating a new audience or editing an existing one, select the Generate Insights checkbox to make that audience a candidate for Insights (shown in the screenshot above).