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Building Audiences: Experiences

There are a variety of use cases that involve targeting users who have engaged with previous marketing campaigns. For example, if a user converted on an Iterable Experience email, and you want to follow up with an SMS message. The steps below will walk you through how to create an audience to target users who were reached by or clicked on an Experience.

  1. Navigate to Experiences and search for the one you would like to use.
  2. You will need to get an ID for the Experience, which differs depending on the Experience type:
    1. For Lytics Web Personalization Experiences: Look up the URL for this Experience and locate the long string of numbers of letters as highlighted below. Save this to your clipboard.lytics-web-personalize-url
    2. For all other Experience types: open developer tools and navigate to the “Network” tab. Refresh the page and filter the requests by “experience”. Find the response that looks similar to the example below, and save the external_id value (nested under vehicle) to your clipboard. ohter-experience-response Note: You can also use the Experience API to fetch the current Experience by ID to get the full payload, including the Experience's external_id.
  3. In your Lytics account, navigate to Audiences > Create New Audience.
  4. In the audience builder, select Custom Rule and search for the provider of the Experience you would like to segment on.
  5. After you enter a provider, you should see a field for conversions and reach on those Experience types. Select the action you wish to segment off of. custom-builder-experience
  6. Copy and paste the ID you copied from step 2 into the text box. converted-on-custom-rule
  7. Choose Exist as your operator and add the condition to your audience. custom-rule-experience
  8. Select Add Condition. You now have an audience based on past interactions with an Experience. You can save the audience as is, or continue to add rules based on your use case.