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Building Audiences: Content Affinity

The Content Affinity tab in the audience builder is used to add content affinity based rules to your audience.

Content Affinity Condition Builder Topic Step

The content affinity list displays all the topics in your content taxonomy. You can filter by number of documents in a topic using the Has number of documents drop-down or search for a topic by name using the Search input.

Content Affinity Condition Builder Affinity Range Step

Once a topic has been selected a range of affinity values can be selected. The histogram displays the distribution of user affinity for the selected topic and is helpful to build an audience that has the desired size. By default users with High Affinity are selected. You can choose a built in range by clicking any of the Affinity buttons or, to set a custom range, use the slider to refine the range of users to target. As the you change the range, the total number of users that fit the range is shown in the right column. If you would like to change the topic click < next to the topic name.

Content Affinity Rule in Builder

After clicking the Add New Rule button the content affinity rule will be added to the audience definition. Use the slider to make quick edits to the audience or click the Topic or Affinity buttons to edit those conditions.

If, instead, you would like to exclude users who have affinity for the topic use the Included/Excluded toggle.