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Building Audiences: Campaigns

The campaigns tab in the audience builder is used to add rules regarding users interactions with Lytics personalize campaigns to your audience.

Campaign Condition Builder Campaign Step

The campaign list displays all of your 'Personalize' campaigns including their status and reach. Use the Filter campaigns by drop-down to display running, archived, or all campaigns or search for a campaign by name using the Search input.

Campaign Condition Builder Metric Step

Once a campaign has been selected, choose which condition to use to target users: Reached but not converted, Converted, or Reached.

Additionally, when applicable, campaigns can be fanned out to display any variations. Select the Show Variations checkbox to reveal any variations. Users in different variations can be completely excluded from targeting or targeted with a different condition.

Campaign Condition Builder Variation Metric Step

Campaign Rule in Builder

After clicking the Add Condition button, the campaign rule will be added to the audience definition. Click the Campaign button or All variations drop-down to edit those conditions. Click + to reopen the condition builder.

If, instead, you would like to exclude users who have met the campaign condition use the Included/Excluded toggle.

Note: Lytics Experiences built in the Journey Canvas will not show up in this list. In order to find those campaigns, utilize the Converted with Lytics Campaign custom rule:

Custom Rule Converted Reached Lytics Campaign

To find the campaign ID needed to build this audience, consult the URL of the Experience you are building the audience for:

Experience URL