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Building Audiences: Overview

Building new audiences allows you to target specific groups of your users. Why send the same email to your entire audience? Instead, send emails to distinct audiences with content that you know those users enjoy. Lytics gives you the ability to create audiences based on user behavior and interests in addition to static information such as their location.

Audiences can be built using existing audiences, user content affinity, your personalization campaigns, or by custom rules utilizing any user fields in your Lytics account. Create rulesets by combining multiple audiences and boolean logic to target users with as much or as little granularity as you require.

Lytics updates your audiences automatically. Once an audience is built, users will join or leave whenever they match (or fail to match) the rules you have set. Likewise, any changes you make to the audience definition later will be reflected anywhere you're using that audience. Export your audiences, often in real-time, to your integrated marketing tools giving you the power of Lytics however you engage with your users.

You can access the audience builder from your Lytics dashboard. Select Audience then click the Create New Audience button.