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Audiences Introduction

Audiences are central to creating personalized marketing using Lytics. It is how groups of users get targeted and defines how cross-channel user data is used in campaigns. Lytics offers audiences as a tool that operates on user fields as well as other audiences. This provides the ability to craft audiences that target one user, every user, or any number in between.

Lytics audiences are automatically kept up to date. As time passes, an audience that once targeted 500 users may grow to target 10,000. This is great if your audience is targeting engaged users who have shown interest in your upcoming product, but not so great if your audience targets users with outstanding support tickets. Lytics makes it easy to find these insights so your campaign strategies can be adjusted accordingly.

Audiences can be used in Lytics Experiences, third-party ad campaigns, and tools like Google BigQuery for advanced reporting. When all of that isn’t enough, the Lytics Segment APIs provide deep integrations with the Lytics platform.

Furthermore, audiences are fundamental to building Journeys on the Lytics Journey Canvas. For each Stage within a Journey, you will set a source and target audience that define the users being targeted and the conversion event that will move users to the next Stage (e.g. moving “has not purchased” to “has purchased”). This removes the complexity of building cumbersome, rule-based audiences, and instead enables you to focus on the tactics that help achieve your business goals.