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Affinity Summary

Each Affinity has a summary page showing how many users are interested in this set of Topics and how much of your brand's content or product inventory is represented. You will be taken to the summary page after creating an Affinity, and when you click on any row in the Affinity List view.


At the top of the Affinity Summary page, you'll see the following information:

  • Owner: Lytics user who created the Affinity.
  • Created: Date the Affinity was originally created.
  • Updated: Date the Affinity was most recently edited.


After you create an Affinity, it may take up to a few days for this chart to populate as Lytics is re-evaluating your users' interest in the set of Topics. To the left of the chart, there are a few key metrics:

  • Total Documents that contain one or more of your selected Topics for this Affinity.
  • Users with Affinity that have shown interest in one or more Topics in this Affinity.

On the chart, the X axis represents affinity scores on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being "no interest" and 100 being "highest interest." The Y axis represents the number of users. You can click on individual bars to see how many users have a specific affinity level.


This information can help your marketing teams decide which users to target based on their interest in particular Topics. For example, you can focus on users with a medium-high affinity for the Topics of a particular ad campaign, as those users are more likely to find your messaging relevant and convert.



This section outlines how your Affinity is configured.

  • Topics: The set of related Topics selected for this Affinity.
  • Configuration ID: The method of calculation for the Affinity. default will be listed unless you have a custom setup configured by the Lytics Data Science Team.
  • Slug: Automatically created based on the name of your Affinity. Lowercase letters are used with underscores between words.

Sample Documents

At the bottom of the summary page, you will see a paginated list of sample documents for this Affinity. Your content must be classified before it will appear in this list.