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Affinity Builder

Affinities allow you to group related Topics into a targetable unit, making it easier to reach your customers based on their interest groups. This document will walk you through how to use the Affinity Builder step-by-step. Once an Affinity is created, you can use it to build audiences and content collections.

Navigate to Content > Affinities. From the list view, click Create Affinity in the top right.


  1. Add a Name for your Affinity. This will be displayed in the Affinity tab of the audience builder.
  2. Add a Description for more context. The name and description fields are required.
  3. Assign Topics to your Affinity. There are a few ways to explore and add Topics.
    • Use the filter to quickly find Common Topics. Lytics surfaces the Topics that are most prevalent in your taxonomy, based on the number of documents with that Topic. The default limit for Common Topics is 500.
    • Click on a row to see related Topics.
    • Select the checkbox next to a Topic to add it to your Affinity.
    • Use the Search to find any Topic in your account.

The search option gives you access to any Topic in your taxonomy, even if it's not included in your list of Common Topics. This means you don't need to allow or block certain Topics to make the ones you care about available in the UI.


As you select Topics, they will be added to the Assigned Topics list on the right. In this example, we created an "Advertising Affinity" that included Topics such as "Google Ads" and "targeted advertising."


There are two ways you can remove selected Topics from your Affinity.

  • Hover over the Topic in the Assigned Topics list and click Remove Topic.
  • Unselect the checkbox next to the Topic within the table view.

Once an Affinity has been created, you can add or remove Topics at a later time, and edit the name or description.