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Affinities List

Affinities are designed to be curated groups of your brand's most important Topics. Lytics recommends you start by creating Affinities that are central to your marketing efforts and add more as needed. Since Affinities are groups of Topics, you should expect to have far fewer Affinities than Topics.

In the Lytics app, navigate to Content > Affinities to see the list of your created Affinities.


At the top of the Affinities List page, you'll see the following information:

  • Owner: Lytics user who created the Affinity.
  • Document Field: The unique identifier for the document or item.
  • User Field: The inventory of documents or items that a user has interacted with.
  • Created: Date the Affinity was originally created.
  • Updated: Date the Affinity was most recently edited.

You can search by name, and organize the list based on the name or date columns.