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Account Rollup

Often a Lytics user wants to create multiple Lytics accounts, with different company divisions or brands, in each account but still wanting to rollup into a master account. Account rollups allow these sub-sets of data to be organized so that different access control, roles, and usages can be more isoloated and controlled. Below is an example of the general concept of rollups.

Account Rollup Example

Individual Accounts & Rollup

  • Keeps all sub-brand data siloed.
  • Allows for individual brand managers to maintain current process.
  • Eliminates risk of accidentally cluttering 3rd party tools (e.g. accidentally merging two email lists for brands that should not have been merged.
  • Generally the safest place to start is no POC use case requires cross brand logic.
  • Execute web personalization and integrations by brand in silo.* Behavioral data science applied by brand.

Single Account

  • Gains the benefit of advanced audiences and action across multiple sites or brands.
  • More complicated to manage.* Requires care when importing to ensure raw feeds are being sent to unique streams.
  • Works well when a brand has multiple web assets but only one united customer pool.
  • Execute web personalization and integrations globally across brand.
  • Behavioral data science measured across family of brands.


During this account rollup, you often want to only copy/rollup some of the data.

Filter Features

  • stream Data streams (Salesforce, Marketo, Web, Silverpop, etc)
  • Expression Write a logical expression If data > x AND event != "bounce". The expression syntax uses SegmentQL, covered in our API docs.


Talk to your account manager to set this up. There is an API they can share if you are very interested but probably they can set it up for you easily after ensuring they help walk you through some things to think about.