Product Documentation

Familiarize yourself with the tools and techniques available for personalized marketing.

Getting Started

If you're new to Lytics here's a place to start. You can start collecting data and building audiences right out of the box.

Data Policies

Lytics supports meeting data security and privacy regulations, and enforces platform limits to ensure optimal performance.

Data Onboarding and Management

Learn how Lytics onboards data from virtually any source to siloed data streams and maps raw data to user fields.

Decision Engine Plus Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect is a new reverse ETL (extract, transform, load) solution from Lytics. Cloud Connect allows you to run standard SQL queries from Lytics against your data warehouse and send audience membership results directly to downstream marketing tools or into your Lytics audience builder.

Standard Schema

StartSmart is an 8-week implementation process to guide new customers through collecting data and building audiences out of the box.

Lytics JavaScript Tag

Learn how to add the Lytics JavaScript tag to your website to automatically send and receive data through the tag.

User Profiles

User data is parsed as profiles in Lytics to give you a full view of your customer across all the channels you have connected.


Lytics audiences enable powerful targeting based on user profile fields, data science scores, content affinities, and other audience rules.


Insights give visibility into how your audiences and campaigns are performing to enable better decisions during your planning process.


Experiences are individual marketing initiatives that can be run as stand-alone campaigns or as part of complete customer journeys.


Reach your marketing goals by executing relevant, personalized experiences across channels using the Lytics Canvas.


Lytics Affinities allow you to group related Topics specific to your brand to reach your customers with relevant messaging and offers based on their engagement and preferences.

Content Affinity Engine

The Lytics Content Affinity Engine classifies the content on your website and determines users' interests in topics related to your content.

Web Personalization

Lytics Web Personalization campaigns allow you to reach a targeted group of users on your website with relevant, personalized messages.


Lytics hub for data science tools built for marketers.

Descriptive & Predictive Modeling

Lytics has built-in data science models and scores that classify and predict user behavior, providing enriched data for segmentation.

Account Management

Configure your account information including basic settings, access permissions, API tokens, monitoring options, and more.

Lytics View

Lytics View is a new offering that delivers actionable insights about your current campaigns, powered by data science.