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  • Can I determine the best day or time to communicate with a user?

  • Why does Lytics sometimes show a timestamp date a day earlier than it happened?

  • What is identity resolution?

  • What are recent events?

  • Is Lytics approved on the IAB Europe Global Vendor list?

  • Why don't the user counts in my Lytics account match what I see in other tools?

Data Collection & Management

  • How can I hide certain keys in a data stream?

  • Where does the web location data in my account come from?

  • How can I change the stream name that comes from web?

  • Can Lytics collect data from Accelerated Mobile Pages?

  • Why am I no longer seeing a field in the raw data stream?

  • How far back does user history go?

  • Can I track opens and clicks from email with Lytics?

  • Can I use Google _utm data in Lytics?

  • I have a large amount of data, are there any limits to the Lytics platform?

  • Can I use offline data with Lytics?

  • How long does it take for data to become available for use in the audience builder?

  • Does Lytics surface a canonical - or at least unique - user ID within the platform or its integrations?

  • Will Lytics affect the load time of my site?

  • My site is already tagged, do I have to start over?

  • Can the Lytics Tag be added to my mobile app?

  • I added the Lytics JStag to my site and I'm seeing around 10 requests, is this right?

  • How is a 'visit' or 'session' defined in Lytics?

  • What is a tag manager?

  • Why use a tag manager?

  • How does a tag manager work?

  • What is a data layer?

  • Will a tag manager affect my website's performance?

  • What SSO options are available on Lytics?

  • How is "bot" traffic identified?

Data Science

  • What is machine learning and how does Lytics use it?

  • What does "self-learning" mean?

  • How can I track user lifecycle (e.g. highly engaged, at-risk)?


  • What are pre-defined audiences?

  • Why are my audiences different sizes on different pages?

  • Why my audience is not being returned in the Lytics Javascript tag?

  • What are characteristics?

  • How long does it take for my audiences to update in Lytics?

  • How do you A/B Test within Lytics Audiences?

  • When would you not “Enable API Access”?


  • Can Lytics support multi-language personalizations?

  • How can I serve a personalized modal to a first time web visitor?

  • How can I customize the look and feel of my campaigns?

  • My campaign is not previewing correctly, what can I do?

  • My previewed Experience worked. Why doesn't it display once started?

  • Can I customize the form elements of a capture leads campaign?

  • Do Lytics campaigns work in a mobile browser?

  • Can I enable a setting for all campaigns in my account?

  • How can I send tracking events to Google Analytics when users interact with my Lytics campaigns?

  • Can I make it so that clicking the CTA of a drive traffic campaign opens the link in a new tab?

  • Can I personalize the message and body text of my campaign at the user level?

  • How can I prevent a duplicated campaign from staying "archived"?

  • What is conversion rate?

  • What is reach?

  • Can Lytics web modals support the accessibility requirements for my site?

Content Affinity Engine

  • I have added meta topics to my website. How do I confirm Lytics is receiving them?

  • Why am I seeing irrelevant or generic topics in my Content?

  • What is content classification?

  • How long does it take to classify my content?

  • Can we merge our own content taxonomy with Lytics?

  • Sometimes I see content articles that are not from my site domain. Why?

  • My site content changed. Can Lytics ignore the old topics and affinities?


  • How do I know my integration is working?

  • How do I update my authorization credentials for an existing integration?

  • Does the AWS S3 export support diffs?

  • I am receiving the error "Parameter for Custom Dimension is too long (max 150)" from Google Analytics, what should I do?

  • How do I set up my SFTP folder to post or download files to Lytics?

  • What are custom integrations?

  • Can you integrate with a tool that's not on the integrations list?

  • Why has my integration stopped working?

  • How can I troubleshoot Lytics Javascript tag integrations?

  • Can I collect user data from Twitter?

  • I am receiving the error "unable to load lytics synchronously: defaulting to asynchronous", what can I do?