Developer Documentation

Explore the Lytics APIs and developer SDKs to help achieve your custom use cases.

Lytics API

The Lytics API is a RESTful JSON API that includes endpoints for data collection, personalization, segmentation, catalog, content, and general account management.

Data Upload

Lytics has API endpoints for data collection for single real-time events, bulk CSV uploads, and bulk JSON data uploads.


The segment API includes standard CRUD operations for Lytics audiences, as well as size and scan endpoints which will count the number of users in the audience, and list the users respectively.

Segment Collection

Lytics has API endpoints for standard CRUD operations on Segment Collections which are ordered lists or groups of audiences that are related in some way.


The subscription API includes standard CRUD operations on Lytics Subscriptions which are queries into real-time events, most commonly listening to a list of users who enter/exit an audience.


The Lytics Personalization API returns user profile information for a single view of a customer in the Lytics graph database. Profiles can also be deleted via the API to support GDPR compliance.


Lytics has API endpoints to interact with the content affinity engine such as collecting and classifying new content, allowing or blocking topics, and recommending topics to a user.

System Events

Lytics has a number of internal system events related to changes in your account, the System Events endpoint allows you to fetch a feed of those events including CRUD operations of audiences, users, and more.


The catalog API returns information regarding the schema of data in an account such as the raw data streams in an account, and the fields available for each stream.


The metric API exposes over-time metrics for a variety of things such as audiences sizes, conversions of campaigns, and other workflow specific metrics.


The account API can retrieve administrative information on an account such as domain, or account settings. You can update or create a new Lytics account through this API.

Account Setting

The account settings API returns a list of possible features and settings for a Lytics account. You can update those settings through this API.

Machine Learning

The Lytics Machine Learning API allow for the management of machine learning models. The Machine Learning API can create, fetch, delete, update, or modify models as well get a summary of an existing model.


The user API returns information on the users who have access to your account. Including their roles which dictate what elements a user has access to via the API or the Lytics app.


The auth API can be used to create, update, or delete new authorization tokens which are used by Lytics integrations to access your other tools for audience sharing.


The provider API returns a list of all supported integration vendors (third party tools such as email, ads, or other marketing tools).


The Lytics Query language (LQL) is an SQL-like language that defines how raw events should be mapped into user fields for profiles. The query API allows you to add, read, or delete queries in an account.


All APIs related to the creation and management or Experiences, Stages, Journeys, etc. Essentially anything related to the Orchestration initiative at Lytics.